10 Nov 2022

60% of Active Job Seekers Use Job Boards - Are You Making the Most of Them?


After all, 60% of active job seekers use job boards to find their next opportunity.

The problem is that most companies need to use job boards more effectively. They only post their jobs on well-known boards like Indeed and LinkedIn.

In reality, there are hundreds of Job Boards with their own unique audiences across countries ready to tap into. But even if you do know them, you need more time (and money) to post on each of them individually.

So what's the trick?

Job Multi-posting Tools. They've increased in popularity over the past few years. They can help you find what job boards are relevant for you and post automatically to them with a single click!

So what's the catch?

I don't know about the other guys, but with Teero, we do this automatically for you when you use us as your all-in-one hiring software.

We've made deals with these Job Boards that are trying to find great employers (like you!) to provide good opportunities to their website visitors.

When they don't allow you to post for free, they will give you BIG discounts for being part of the Teero network. And don't worry; we know these Job Boards inside and out, so we'd only recommend you post to paid boards that have a relevant audience for your vacancy.

So to recap:

  • There are hundreds of job boards waiting for you to tap into
  • Many will allow you to post for free (what's not to like?!)
  • If the Job Board is Premium (e.g., you need to pay), you'll get BIG discounts if you post via Teero.

Oh yeah... and the best part. This happens with a single click. We know you're busy, and at Teero, we've built everything to help save you time. More applicants, Better candidates, hired faster than ever before.

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