6 Jan 2023

5 Tips for Hiring Gen Z


The newest generation joining the workforce, Generation Z, might seem foreign to some recruiters, but with the following steps your hiring process will be up to snuff to attract and snag these bright young employees.

Have a strong presence at universities

Since Gen Zers are 24 or below, targeting universities is a crucial tactic for recruiting. In doing so, however, make an effort to connect with all students, not just seniors. About half of Gen Z students start working in their junior or senior year, and around 25% start work even earlier. Regardless of whether students join your workforce full-time right away, by developing relationships with students early, you will cultivate a larger and highly qualified pool of applicants. Furthermore, many Gen Z students see college recruiters as trusted advisors and a preferred way to find meaningful work, so having recruiters who are invested in developing these relationships will help your cause even more.

Focus on Building a Clear and Positive Company Culture

Company culture is highly important to Gen Z, and when I say “company culture” I don’t just mean the culture statement on your website's career page. To attract this generation (and more since the Great Resignation), make sure your company values are infused into the way you treat your employees. Benefits are an obvious way to do this, since they are a clear reflection of values. Do you have flexible work policies? What does PTO look like at your company?

Keep your online presence up-to-date

Once your employees are celebrating your company as a great employer and a positive place to work, invite them to share these feelings on social media like Instagram or TikTok. Build an online community that employees are interested in being a part of and that non-employees feel inclined to join.

This tip doesn’t only apply to social media. Employer branding is also reflected in your company’s recruiting tech. A dated-looking hiring process will send the message that your company — and most likely its values — are stuck in the past. In fact, 54% of Gen Z will leave a job application if the company’s recruiting methods seem outdated, and 26% would be hesitant to accept a job because of the lack of recruiting technology.

Another crucial piece of this HR tech puzzle is that although they are tech-savvy, Gen Z values human contact and personal connection highly, so by investing in an up-to-date ATS will not only appeal to them aesthetically, but its automation features will allow your recruiters the headspace and time to focus their efforts on providing meaningful human interaction to applicants.

Share your salaries

This one is short and sweet. Put salary on your job post.

In a recent study, 49% of Gen Z respondents said that salary was a top factor in their attraction to a job. That’s far too high to simply leave it off.

Embrace flexibility in working times and locations

Wherever possible, give your employees flexibility in their work hours and location. 49% of Gen Z workers consider flexibility the top factor for staying in a job after their first week, and, 66% of Generation Z workers would change jobs for more agency over their work schedule if the salary and job description stayed the same.

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