7 Nov 2022

Is it Time to Ditch the Resume?


There are a number of reasons for this, but the main one is that they are often inaccurate or embellished. Additionally, they can create a chicken-and-egg problem where young applicants don't have any experience to put on their resume, and older applicants already have years of experience that might not be relevant to the position they're applying for.

Instead of asking for a resume, there are a number of alternatives that you can use to assess candidates' qualifications. Prescreening questions are one such alternative - they allow you to ask candidates questions about their skills and experience directly.  You can also set them up in an automated fashion, so you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

The other reason these questions can be helpful are that you can test for things not commonly found on a resume - such as attitude and work ethic. We know that these are better indicators anyways on how successful an applicant will be in the role.

Curious to what types of questions you should ask and how to automate this process. Read more here: Top 10 Prescreening Questions to ask Candidates

So is it time to ditch the resume? We think so. The world has evolved and there are more effective ways to get the information you need. If you set it up correctly you'll end up with:

  • More applications: 67% of applications happen on phones where resumes aren't handy
  • Better candidates: Pre-screening questions continue to outperform resume reviews on assessing candidate quality.

More companies are starting to realize this, and now is the time to make the change. I know it can be scary - but we're here to help. Sign-up here for a free demo and we can guide you on how to implement this new strategy.

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