6 Jan 2023

Would you wear loafers to run a marathon? Corporate v. High-Volume ATSs


If you’re a high-volume recruiter using a standard corporate ATS, listen up. Corporate ATSs — think Greenhouse, Lever, iCMS — are designed for the white-collar workforce. These products are made for recruiters who don’t tend to suffer from high turnover and roles that never close. They support longer, more manual application processes that are managed on the computer. Don’t get me wrong, these softwares are brilliant at what they do, and they do it well. But hiring at high-volume with time-to-hire at top of mind is not what they do, or even what they intend to do.

Would you wear loafers to run a marathon? I think not.

Corporate ATSs are highly capable, but they are simply designed for a different activity than high-volume ATSs, such as Teero or Fountain. Sure, you’ll survive if you’re using one, but you’ll keep wracking up sore joints and blisters. Now, you may be on the verge of closing this article because of a myriad of reasons. If it’s one of the ones below, hear me out.

Reason 1: Current system is good enough

First, I hope the bar for what you do is never just “good enough.” Second, high-volume ATSs have many key features that will change the game for your team and your recruiting outcomes, including mobile optimization, automated messaging, candidate-led scheduling, and hiring stages that are customizable and tailored specifically to recruiting frontline roles. These will increase your team’s speed, improve your candidate experience, and support your company’s growth like a well-oiled machine. Once you implement these changes, you’ll realize that what once seemed “good enough” is not actually good enough, and never was.

Reason 2: It’s expensive, in terms of both time and money

Software is notoriously expensive, but that doesn’t mean it has to be. There are two things to note here. First, pricing for software like Teero is tailored to fit your company’s capabilities— there are no secret clauses or forced commitments that make the financial side of things uncomfortable. Second, in high-volume recruiting especially, a high-volume ATS will save you money and end up paying for itself in little time. Recruiters are expensive, so don’t waste their time (and that budget) by having them complete hundreds of menial tasks that an ATS can automate.

An ATS has a great ROI not only for your wallet, but also for your candidate experience and quality. By minimizing your recruiters’ brainless work, you will free up their time and energy to provide positive, personable experience to candidates at key touchpoint like interviews. Positive candidate experience and freed recruiter time are enough in themselves to make investing the few hours it takes to set up a software like Teero well worth it. With these things in mind, it is clearly more expensive to your company not to have a high-volume ATS.

Reason 3: We don’t want two different recruiting systems or two different ATSs

Another common excuse not to add a high-volume ATS into the mix is that you want all your data in one place rather than having multiple ATSs (one for white-collar and one for frontline roles). Drawing from the example above, you don’t need to, and probably shouldn’t, keep your workout metrics in your budgeting software. Similarly, the metrics and data you are tracking for white collar roles are vastly different in focus than, and may even distract from, those you measure for frontline hiring.

Corporate ATSs are not equipped to optimize your hiring process for these high-volume metrics, like time-to-hire, candidate source conversion, and number of hires. Their focus is entirely different, so using only one ATS means you'll make a compromise on performance for one of the two groups.

Reason 4: We’re not buying new software right now / No budget

This one’s simple. One recruiter partnered with Teero can hire hundreds of workers a month, so the scalability will increase savings since you will need to hire fewer internal staff as your business grows. It pays for itself.

If the arguments above haven’t convinced you that switching to a high-volume ATS will change the game for your recruiting team, then book a demo with Teero and let our team show you in real-time what’s been mentioned above, and more.

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