30 Dec 2022

Automations Give Your Recruiting Team Superpowers


Picture yourself at your desk. It’s Monday morning, and you have tens or even hundreds of candidate profiles to review, 40 interviews to schedule, 100+ updates to send to candidates, and even more of their questions to respond to. This is the kind of day that will leave you burnt out and struggling to share a personal connection with any of your candidates. It’s a “cog in the machine” kind of day. As a good recruiter, you will act as the cog, wear yourself out, and try your best to be your company’s smiling face to candidates through it all.

There must be a better way.

This is where automations come in. They act as the smart, ultra-reliable, and highly efficient personal assistant that you need to bring your recruiting capabilities to a superhuman level. You won’t, however, need superhuman technical skills to set up or manage them. Some key areas that automations change the game in are:


By automating message updates for candidates moving forward in the hiring process, you free up energy and headspace to reply to non-update messages that require a more personal touch in a genuine way. Candidates who are progressing will stay up-to-date and remain connected to your hiring process, while the ones you reach out to personally will experience the human connection they need to feel more connected and loyal to your company.


By automating scheduling and letting candidates select a time from your availability that suits them, you save at least three or four messages, including the time it takes for response between them. “What is your availability?” “How is this time?” “Maybe this time instead?” “Sounds great, see you then!” Ring any bells? By automating a message with a scheduling link, all of these manual steps can be merged into one.

Progressing or Rejecting Candidates

Another level of automations can also include automatic rejection or progression from different “pass or fail” stages. If the criteria for a candidate’s progression from one stage to the next is black and white, that can be automated to save you or your team from mindlessly clicking just to keep the candidate flow moving. Automating these progressions will not only save you time and mental energy, it will also provide the candidates with the swiftest possible updates on their advancement and save anyone from slipping through the cracks.

It may be unfamiliar or hard to trustingly hand these candidate interactions into mechanical hands, but it’s not as scary as you think. Automations are easy to set up and manage, and by using your ATS as a personal support system, you will do two key things. You will increase your candidate experience substantially, therefore tightening your chances of more applicants, and more quality applicants. You will also make your work less draining and more inspiring, allowing you to genuinely connect with candidates who want to work for your company.

Improve your hiring without sacrificing scalability or security.

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