29 Dec 2022

6 Essentials to Look for in a High-Volume ATS


Whether you are looking to set your team up with an ATS for the first time, or are unsure of how to make the most of your current ATS, here are 6 essential features you should have in your arsenal.

1. Mobile optimization

Smartphones are no longer an exclusive commodity, they are everywhere. With a majority of jobseekers pursuing their job search on their mobile devices, optimizing for that context has become a must for any employer looking for candidates. And this only promises to become  increasingly indispensable.

2. Job board posting

It is a pain to post a job over and over to different job boards, make sure they are all up to date, and edit each entry every time you need to update the posting. An automatic job posting feature can save you from a time-sucking black hole as well as any concern that you might miss an update on one or two postings. Furthermore, a lot of ATSs are connected with multiple free boards, which allows you to get your job out into the world without a heavy budget.

3. Candidate Messaging (SMS is key)

The ability to share and receive messages with candidates—especially via SMS—straight from your ATS is a great way to track their journey through your hiring process. In general, the more pieces of the process you can have in one place, the better.

4. Scheduling Feature

When dealing with large amounts of candidates, avoiding the back-and-forth required to schedule each meeting will change the game. Removing the recruiter from that equation—besides the interview—allows them to bring their best self to those key person-to-person touch points.

5. Automations

In high-volume recruiting, when dealing with hundreds to thousands of applicants, and therefore managing hundreds to thousands of phases of the hiring process, the time saved by making even a handful of those pieces automatic is exponential.

6. Clear view of your hiring metrics

Having a consistent, easily-digestible flow of data is a key resource for setting clear, achievable goals and constantly improving your hiring process and candidate experience. It also allows your recruiting team and business leaders to more accurately forecast hiring timelines for upcoming roles.

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